This page will contain clips of various documentaries to show that views expressed on this site are not fabricated by one person or a small group of “disgruntled” people.

Community or Cult?

WCVB-TV (Channel 5, Boston, MA) has a news magazine named Chronicle. They aired this show on July 21 & 22, 1993.

Following standards of journalism, the show presented both sides of the issue. Interviews with former members & neutral experts, as well as members of the Community (in 1993) are included. Many members you can see in the show have left the Community since it was taped.

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Inside a Cult

The National Geographic Channel (NatGeo) taped this show 2007.

It centers on Michael Travesser and his followers, a group known as “Strong City” in New Mexico. Anyone watching this show can plainly see how blind these people are to the truth. See for yourself.

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More about this cult:

Cults, Religion & Mind Control

The E! Channel has aired this show several times as part of their “THS Investigates” series.

This show focuses on the following cults: The Family, Baruch HaShem, the Fundamentalist Latter-Day Saints (FLDS), The Body, the Jim Roberts Group (The Brethren), the Growing in Grace Ministry, and External Values.

The first segment is missing the first several minutes of the show, for some reason.

Members of the Community of Jesus: please watch this show to see the similarities of how a high-demand or high-control environment works on the psyche of its members. Do not get caught up in dismissing the show because your Community is “obviously not like any of these.” Details of the difference between their beliefs and yours are not the point. The fact that you are just as much under Betty’s spell as these people are (or were) under their leader’s spell is very much the point.

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Mind Control Made Easy:
How to Become a Cult Leader

A funny but very informative video posted on YouTube. Which characteristics do you recognize?

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