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 NEW  Canada’s CTV show W5 aired an investigative documentary (“In the Name of God”) about Grenville Christian College: its dark history, allegations of mental/emotional/sexual abuse, the class action lawsuit brought against it, and its ties to the Community of Jesus.

Several of the past students are interviewed. They’re not Community or staff kids; some (but not all) boarding students were subjected to the same humiliating lifestyle as Community members.

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Broken Video Player Replaced

At some point this year, the video player link was no longer good, rendering almost all videos as blank space. Not very helpful.

The video player has been replaced. Now all videos can be watched again. We hope you continue to find them educational and enlightening.

Links Page Updated

Two  NEW-ish  links have been added. The first site is very informative about mind control, changing the personality, cult tactics, etc. The second site is a new blog about people’s experiences at the Community and their recovery experiences.

Some other remarks have been added. One site has disappeared, but another site has been updated.

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What the Watchman Fellowship Has to Say

The Watchman Fellowship was founded by David Henke in Columbus, Georgia in 1979. It now has several offices in the United States. They track and list many cults, religions, and counterfeit groups they feel use deception, control, cover up, and dishonesty with their own members.

One group they list is the Community of Jesus.

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