Canada’s CTV investigative show W5 aired the documentary “In the Name of God” on Saturday, February 6, 2016. It exposes Grenville Christian College: its dark history, allegations of mental/emotional/sexual abuse, the class action lawsuit brought against it, and its ties to the Community of Jesus.

Several of the past students are interviewed. They’re not Community or staff kids; some (but not all) boarding students were subjected to the same humiliating lifestyle as Community members were subjected to.

One former staff member, Joan Childs, had the courage to be interviewed. She displays what the vowed members of both the Community of Jesus and Grenville Christian College hypocritically proclaim(ed) to live by: honesty and integrity.

The page below is a single link, but there are four parts. Click the appropriate links in the column to the right of the video to watch each part.

Part 1: 

Dear members of the Community of Jesus, do not turn away from this and brush it off as “we did not condone this and had nothing to do with them.” Almost all of the Grenville staff were non-resident members of the Community, starting in the 1970s. Their methods of confrontation, light sessions, phrases and terminology, and so on were all mimics of your Community.

As much as you may say or think “but we’re not like that anymore,” they are still a reflection of you and the lifestyle by which you live. If you think the abuses aired on this show have not and could not happen in Orleans, you should question yourself. Is that what you really think or is that what they want you to think?

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