WCVB-TV (Channel 5, Boston, MA) has a news magazine named Chronicle. They aired this show on July 21 & 22, 1993.

Following standards of journalism, the show presented both sides of the issue. Interviews with former members & neutral experts, as well as members of the Community (in 1993) are included. Many members you can see in the show have left the Community since it was taped.

It is so blatantly obvious that Betty Pugsley told boldface lies on this show. You know it, anyone who lived there knows it, and even people who have never been to the Community can tell. When questioned by some Community members afterwards about her lies, Betty gave some explanation and justification—but it still didn’t sit right with those members. She lied. Did Jesus lie? Telling parables is not the same thing as covering up the truth.

Her lies shown here are only the tip of the iceberg.

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Don Delude was honest and forthright, as any decent person should be, never mind any Christian. Don had to send Chronicle a letter retracting his statement, saying he didn’t understand the question. He didn’t understand the question?! Nobody believes that. Nobody. And that is not a slam against Don; he was obviously told by the leadership to do it. Betty, you’re not fooling anyone.

Dear members of the Community of Jesus, do you really believe, deep down in your hearts, that this is acceptable? How many times has Betty explained away some questionable action? How many times has she made a proclamation or come up with a new rule that you knew in your heart was wrong?

How long are you going to put up with this?