A review of the Life in Jesus Church, written in February, 2009, shows that not everyone thinks the work done at this Community of Jesus spin-off was the work of God like Bishop Zampino did. It is located at the following site: MerchantCircle.com

The text of the review is included below in case the review or site goes away sometime in the future.

Zampino’s massive ego

The recently formed “Life in Jesus Church” (consisting of about 6 members) is a last ditch effort on the part of Phillip Zampino (he is no longer a bishop) and his benefactor. Over the past year, what was once the cathedral congregation has dissolved, as has the sisterhood, all of the clergy and the professed community members have all left or are in the process. Zampino has a long history of church “disasters” and cover-ups and is now seeking a place in yet, another communion—the Anglican communion. It is undeniable that this man had a gifted healing ministry at one time and it is a shame that his massive ego has led to hundreds of souls being injured, his dear community members unemployed and destitute, his former clergy leaderless and wounded and countless others who “drank his kool aid” and succumbed to the cult he created. This new venture is simply a continuation of his poor leadership ability and it is only a matter of time before the LIJ property becomes a subdivision.

You may be thinking, “This has nothing to do with the Community of Jesus. They were their own community, separate from Orleans. Just because someone describes Philip Zampino this way doesn’t mean the Community of Jesus is run the same way.” Actually, this description may fit the Community leadership closer than you think.

While Philip Zampino is not an inherently evil person, and his intention was never to harm anyone, it is a lesson in how our egos ruin good, well-meaning ideas. Cay & Judy probably did not set out to harm anyone, either. From what people have said about Betty, it seems she did not originally set out to ruin or manipulate people’s lives. Nevertheless, that’s exactly what has happened according to so many who used to be associated with the Community of Jesus.

As the saying goes, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.