Things are seldom what they seem.

Do not be fooled by the smooth talk and beautiful descriptions of Community life.


Our New Look

“You didn’t update the site, did you?”

We sure did. The site was long overdue for a better look. We hope you enjoy it. To find out what is even cooler than our just the new layout, read on.

The site has been designed to be “responsive,” which means it looks beautiful at any size, from a widescreen monitor to a tablet to a smartphone. The layout responds dynamically to the viewport size to optimize your experience.

Try it  (You know you want to)

If you’re on a monitor, test it out. Change the size of your browser. Go ahead. Squish it. Knock yourself out.

We are exploring ways to allow our videos to be responsive, as well. Please bear with us as we continue to make this site flexible, no matter which device you use.